... power berries for natural cell protection

Acai BeerenAcai (lat. euterpe oleracea) is a tiny dark-reddish to black berry that grows in big clusters on 25 m high Acai palm trees. These wild growing trees are found all over the Amazon region. The harvest is really hard work. Natives use to climb up the Acai palm tree, cut off the clusters which may reach a weight up to 6 kg, and from there work their way along to the next tree.

Acai ErnteIt has been the Amazon natives who first discovered and greatly appreciated the value of Acai learning that its high content of antioxidants, iron and other valuable substances was beneficial to their immune system providing strength and a good body condition to survive in the jungle.

Due to its ecologic and nutritional values Acai berries meanwhile belong to the greatest treasures of the Amazon region. A significant trade market in Brazil meanwhile depends on Acai, being bread-and-butter especially for small family farms.

Acai TransportFor people who go in for sports Acai proved a very nutritive natural energy drink. Probably, there is no fitness centre in Brazil that does not offer Acai drinks. Its seeds and fruits have revealed enormous variety being used for the production of seed, animal food and local jewellery.

The harvest of Acai clusters does not do any harm to the palm tree – other than the exploitation of the palm hearts, the so called “palmitos”, which can only be harvested after felling and destroying the tree. AMAZONAS buys only the Acai fruits and refrain from “palmitos” – it is our small contribution to protect the valuable Acai palm trees.

Acai Beeren

Mode of action
Extreme mental and physical strain may often cause vitamin deficiencies which result in organic diseases. Highly valuable natural products, such as Acai, may cover the vitamin requirement. Acai also supplies us with the important antioxidants (cell-protecting substances) which help to strengthen our body by protecting it from harmful free radicals. Ultraviolet sunlight produces extremely high amounts of free radicals. Thus the Acai berry – for its own protection - produces extraordinarily high amounts of antioxidative anthocyanine which belongs to the polyphenol group. Polyphenoless have shown beneficial effects on our organism and are also responsible for the marvellous dark colour of the berries. During special diets this natural “top-food” may also be a valuable provider of important vitamins and mineral substances.