Acai FAQ

Acai products: frequently asked questions

Can I lose weight by Acai – as is promised in numerous websites?

Acai, though praised as natural top nutrient, must not be classified as dietary or miracle remedy.

Continuous application of high-quality Acai on the long-term, though, may improve your performance ability and strengthen your immune system. It may also have positive influence on your metabolism: you feel more active.

Why is it not possible to buy Acai berries in the shop?

Acai berries grow in Brazil only. Within 24 hours after harvest they lose their beneficial properties. To avoid perishing they have to be transported to the production site immediately after harvest. By gentle production methods we are able to preserve the whole range of valuable substances in our Acai powder.

Why do you call Acai a top nutrient?

Acai contains a very high amount of antioxidants, such as polyphenol and anthocyane, which are able to protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Acai also is rich of nutrients, essential fatty acids, Vitamins and minerals, all of which are of great importance for our body.

Active people and sportsmen appreciate Acai as natural energizer. In situations of physical and mental strain Acai may help to avoid loss of power or any deficiency symptoms.

What is meant by the ORAC-fact?

ORAC = Oxygen Radical Absorbing Capacity

The ORAC-fact monitors the amount of antioxidants in our foodstuff, meaning the capability to absorb defanged free oxygen-radicals.

The higher the ORAC-fact is the better the neutralization of free radicals and the better the protection of our body cells.

Why is AMAZONAS Acai so exceptional?

Our Acai supplier obtains 15 years of experience in development and production of Acai products. We manufacture superior, manually selected berries only. Fresh Acai berries contain a very high amount of antioxidants which we are able to preserve in our end product by taking 5 kg of fresh Acai berries to get 1 kg of Acai powder. Our powder extract is of that typical dark violet colour, as are the berries.

What does „RDA“ mean concerning the nutrition facts on our labels?

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowances of essential nutrients which are recommended by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer protection for daily use and for healthy people. For example Vitamin C: 1 Acerola tablet contains 80 mg Vitamin C what corresponds to 100 % RDA.