Acai production steps

Cultivation / Harvest


The Acai palm tree is growing wild, what means that there are large amounts of Acai berries. However, the typical jungle conditions make the harvest really hard and expensive. Native workers have to use small boats to reach nearly inaccessible harvest sites and to transport the berries in natural fibre baskets to the nearby production sites.


First, the Acai berries are cleaned and washed, then the pulp is separated from the seed, prepared into a thick pulp and packed into 5 kg plastic bags. These bags are cooled down below -15 °C and transported to the production site in special refrigerated trucks.


Dry spraying method

The deep frozen Acai pulp is now warmed up in small refrigerators to -5 °C to make further production steps easier. The frozen blocks are crushed and melted in special tanks until the pulp gets a liquid consistency. Then it is filtered, the carrier is added and the production of the dry extract proceeds in special spray tanks. The extract is stored in special drums to preserve the characteristic properties of the Acai berry.


At the end the product has to pass a chemical quality control. Finally, it is ready for shipment.

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