Acerola production steps

Acerola ErnteThe harvest is done manually and proceeds between September and March.

Since the Acerola cherry appears to be extremely sensitive, ripe fruits have to be harvested, deep frozen and transported to the production site within 2 days to preserve the valuable plant substances.

Immediately after arrival at the production site the fresh harvested Acerola cherries are released from their icy coat in big water tanks.

From there they are kept in sort of “quarantine”, which they may leave only after having passed a chemical control.

In the main production site specialists first of all determine the optimal percentage of ripe and unripe fruits. Why?

Acerola ErnteBecause both, ripe and unripe fruits obtain their special preferences, which have to be put into optimal relation – a tricky procedure, which probably is the best preserved secret of any successful supplier. Our supplier is one of them.

The selected fruits afterwards are mashed in a special basin semi-liquid at a temperature of max. 40 °C.

The carrier is added to go on with the production of the powder extract in high-tech spray dryer plants. The end product, finally, is filled directly out of the spray towers into 25 kg bags.

Acerola ErnteAcerola ErnteAfter a final chemical control and filing a retained sample our Acerola powder is batched on pallets and ready for shipment.