Aloe Vera

... Wellness for the whole body

Aloe VeraAloe Vera (lat. aloe barbadensis miller) looks like a cactus but actually belongs to the species of the lily family. It is originated in the dry and semi-dry regions of Africa and Middle and South America and is considered to be one of the oldest known medicinal plants. Thousands of years ago ancient advanced civilizations had already appreciated Aloe Vera as a valuable remedy for beauty and well-being. Of the more than 300 different Aloe species “aloe barbadensis miller” obtains the most
valuable properties for skin-care and the entire human organism.

Mode of action

Aloe Vera juice stimulates our entire organism.

Its main active agent is a long-chain sugar called mucopolysaccharide Acemannan. Additionally, Aloe Vera contains many more valuable substances such as mineral substances, encymes, amino acids and vitamins.

In India and many South-American countries Aloe Vera for centuries has been greatly appreciated as a natural remedy and is not missing in any natural pharmacy.

Due to its numerous beneficial properties Aloe Vera was used to be named “first-aid-plant”.

During the last 50 years scientists have been revealing more and more of those properties, proving that Aloe Vera, indeed, is a highly valuable remedy for our entire organism.