Aloe Vera FAQ

Aloe-Vera products: frequently asked questions

Which way Aloe Vera juice is cured?

To cure Aloe Vera juice without conservatives it has to be pasteurized, meaning to be heated to 80°C for few seconds. Being very alkalic the juice appears to be a proper environment for rapidly increasing micro-organisms. To stabilize the PH-value lemon juice is added (less than 1 %).

Why does AMAZONAS Aloe Vera Juice have to be pasteurized?

Generally, any juice which shall be cured for more than 36 hours has to be pasteurized..

During the pasteurization of our Aloe Vera Juice its agent acemannan can be preserved to a large extent. Other than the enzymes and Vitamins, which do not belong to the main agents of Aloe Vera Juice, this polysaccharide is relatively stable.

For several suppliers pasteurization is not enough – they also add conservatives to their products. We refrain from doing that thus being able to offer superior quality juice with “organic” certification.

What is aloin?

Aloin is a bitter principle contained in the Aloe Vera leaf pulp. Due to its very laxative effect it has been used for corresponding medicines. Our Aloe Vera products are aloin-free.

How do we make sure that our Aloe Vera products are aloin-free?

Our Aloe Vera leaves are being filleted manually to make sure that any leaf part which could contain the bitter principle aloin will be removed very carefully and reliably to make the juice aloin-free.

How long is the best before time of Aloe Vera juice?

The unopened bottle is best before 24 months. The bottles should be closed properly and stored in a dry place.

An opened bottle of Aloe Vera juice should be used up within a month. Regarding the actual RDA that is realistic.

Why is a cloudy Aloe Vera juice better than a clear juice?

The cloudy appearance of our Aloe Vera Juice is caused by vegetable fibres contained in the juice. These fibres, which belong to the group of dietary fibres, reveal numerous beneficial effects on our digestion and thereby on our health in general.

Why is the AMAZONAS Aloe Vera so exceptional?

Our Aloe Vera plants grow in Mexico, and are tended by a small, very reliable and highly motivated farm regarding controlled organic cultivation regulations. Here they are cultivated, harvested and manufactured. The complex filleting of Aloe Vera leaves is made manually to make sure, that any leave parts containing the bitter principle aloin will be completely removed and the superior quality preserved.

Other than many other suppliers we refrain from adding additives like thickeners and conservatives. Our Aloe Vera juice is an NFC juice which contains approx. 5 % Aloe Vera pulp. Our raw material supplier is a member of the International Aloe Science Council, which determines the criteria on the certification of products and works on the research of any effects of Aloe Vera.