Aloe Vera production steps



Our Aloe Vera plants are cultivated from our Mexican supplier with controlled organic farming methods.

Harvest / Production

After harvest, which is made manually, the Aloe Vera leaves first are cleaned in a water basin. Afterwards the lower leaf attachments, the pointed leaf tip and the short pointed thorns on the leaf margins are removed with a special knife. Now the complete leaf surface is removed carefully without hurting the inner vessels. Many of the bigger production sites have changed to machine production. Our supplier, however, is still doing the demanding job of leaf filleting manually, thus making sure that any leaf parts containing the bittering substance aloine will be reliably removed. The inner leaf pulp with the valuable Aloe Vera gel is finally spread on big tables and sorted taking only the best leaf parts for the juice production, which proceeds in a modern high-grade steel press.

Further production steps

To conserve the Aloe Vera juice without adding any preservatives it has to be pasteurized, that means heated up for few seconds to 80 °C. Since the juice is very alkalic, it is a perfect environment for rapid multiplication of microorganisms. To stabilize the pH-value, lemon juice (less than 1 %) has to be added.