About AMAZONAS Natural Products Commerce Ltd.

AMAZONAS – It started in South America

Helga Zeck-WeitzIn 1988, in Munich, where I finished my sport studies, a long period of hard training followed, since sports were always my obsession. I mastered additional qualifications as surf and diving instructor, and was also pursuing a career as Alpine ski racer. At that time I was working already on my home study course as business economist.

Having accomplished that, I took off for half a year, travelling through the South American continent – and here it was, that a new idea came to my mind. Having
spent a long time in the Brazilian rain forest, I was completely fascinated by its wild natural beauty. The trip was really hard: I was able to sustain through long and extremely hard day-tours through the forest, in the night the mosquitos were my beloved “friends”, sleep was rare, however, I managed everything without being significantly exhausted, and that was due to Guarana, an energizing rainforest plant. This experience was a milestone in my life, as now I was sure, that I was keen on learning this emotional native language, and also in distributing Guarana in Europe..

270111-1Back in Germany in 1990, I established the AMAZONAS company and was the first supplier of Guarana in Germany. In the beginning the administrative problems were bothering me a lot, I was fighting for the permission of distribution – but again and again I was forced by bureaucracy to stop it. Anyway – we succeeded at last, and now the AMAZONAS company has been worldwide acknowledged as a specialist for natural products. Our main suppliers are Brazil, Peru and Mexico and also Taiwan and Egypt.

Our spirit – our strength
We obtain a deep and reliable relationship to our South American suppliers and visit them regularly, thus inspecting the actual cultivation and harvest processes and the production as well. We know, how a fresh plant or fruit looks in detail, how it smells directly after the harvest – that is what we are proud of. That was the way we got our basic know-how, that you cannot achieved by reading books alone. That is why our customers rely on us.

270111-2Speaking Spanish and Portuguese we easily got into contact with the native small family farms, who practise the cultivation of natural plants with real passion. Their prior target is the achieving of superior quality and not profitable turnover. Since these people have been living in and with nature, they will always try to preserve it – which is a wonderful basis for a good and profitable business relationship on both sides.

We are lean and flexible, able to fulfil individual customer requirements. Any problem is a new challenge – we take it
and try to find comfortable solutions with all-out personal effort. We also are direct importers and thus able to provide to our customers fair prices.

Only if our products fulfill required quality standards, we will recommend them to our customers. Any product will be conrtolled by internationally recognized laboratories concerning its microbiologic structure and its content of heavy metals or special nutrient values. Every customer may have access to those conclusions, also to marketability certifications, detailed information and photos. Since 2005 our company obtains the BIO-certification label and distributes bio-cultivated products like Acerola, Maca powder and Aloe Vera Juice.