AMAZONAS and professional sportsmen - references

The AMAZONAS Indio-Power Bar and the Austrian Biathletes

Walter GappBy Walter Gapp,
Chief-Instructor of the Austrian National Biathletes Team

For thousands of years people have been aware of the fact, that if they need to hold out extreme physical or mental strain, they have to provide the body with valuable nutrients. Today – that old wisdom is still valid: sportsmen and competitive athletes know very well, that winning or losing is closely connected with their individual fitness, what means, their capability to stand the high physical and mental strain.

Today, we could eat healthy and sensible food every day, since any sort products are available all over the year. Eating habits, though, or additional physical activity, might cause a lack of valuable nutrients, which often is not measurable medically and does not evidently handicap a person. Additional consumption of nutrients, however, leads to a remarkable increase of physical capacity, exploiting the natural stores of the organism.

BiathletenOur AMAZONAS Indio Power-Bar has been helpful as a beneficial “power tonic” to numerous sportsmen and people who have to hold out high professional stress. They profit from both, increased physical vitality and a concentrated mental standing, a fact that has been approved by athletes, instructors and team doctors.
No doubt, that in competitive situations, there is a close interdependence between physical and mental power. No matter, if you are individual sportsman or team sportsman – winning or losing do always depend on your mental power, concentration and stability.

The handy packaged AMAZONAS Indio Power-Bar is made without any chemical or synthetic additives. It will be a highly valuable additional nutrient to any sportsman, to people who have to cope with a stressful job or simply with daily life, where we also have to stand increased mental strain.