AMAZONAS and professional sportsmen - references

No time to get older!

Robert GrobI have been doing power sports since 30 years. Now I am a senior – still intensively practising trainings, such as cross-country skiing, marathons, triathlon, 100 km – races. I was always looking for a valuable additional nutrient, which is able to provide me with power over those long distances. Coffee does not agree with me. Guarana, however, is an effective stimulator and - very gentle to my stomach. Before starting a competition, I use to eat my Muesli with 2 tablespoons of Guarana mixed into it. Usually that is sufficient to hold out the next hours. On a long bicycle or running tour, the handy and easy digestible Guarana-Choco-Bar is a fine stimulating snack.

With sportive regards, Robert Grob

Robert GrobProf. Dr.-Ing. Robert Grob was born in 1934. He is the European Ultra-Triathlon Champion, German Long-Triathlon Vice Champion, Winner of numerous Olympic Triathlon competitions in his age group, many times in the Finishers´ group in the 100 km race in Biel, Finisher in the Wasa race, absolved more than 30 marathons.