Black Cumin

... Pharaoh's golden oil – ancient healer for allergic persons

Schwarzkümmel BlütenBlack cumin (lat. nigella sativa) is a spice plant that belongs to the crowfoot family but is not related to cumin or caraway. After flowering the cultivated plant produces capsules similar to those of field poppy which contain the so called black cumin seeds. The greatest part of black cumin is cultivated in the Middle East and Asian countries where it flourishes in bright sunshine. In many places black cumin is considered to be the most successful natural remedy over the last 10 years. In the Middle East and Asian countries black cumin has been appreciated as a spice and natural remedy for more than 3000 years. The Islamic prophet Mohammed wrote in his book “Hadith” this symbolic saying: “Black cumin heals any disease but death”.

SchwarzkümmelMode of action

Laboratory tests of black cumin have shown that the unsaturated fatty acids contained in the black cumin seeds are a precursor for the synthesis of the endogenous substances prostaglandin E1 and E2 and thus having direct influence on our immune system.