Black Cumin FAQ

Black Cumin products: frequently asked questions

Why does the colour of black cumin oil and black cumin capsules may vary?

First of all, the colour depends on the used seeds. Being a natural product, each batch of black cumin may vary in colour. The seeds are pressed gently and slowly at temperatures below 45°C. Internal tests have shown that pressing at higher temperatures may cause a slightly darker colour of the oil. But it must be said that “higher temperature” even if tried hard you will not reach 70°C by this method.

The colour of the oil gets also slightly darker if it is stored unfiltered in a barrel for longer time. Then the smell will get also more intensive.

The capsule cases of black cumin do not contain any dyestuff.

Differences in colour do not mean difference in quality, what has been confirmed by corresponding analyses.

How does black cumin have to be stored?

The oil should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place, since sunlight or bright light in general might lead to oxidation or induce and accelerate other chemical reactions.

Why is our AMAZONAS black cumin oil so special?

Our black cumin seeds come from “El Fayoum”, the biggest Egyptian oasis, where exceptionally valuable black cumin sorts grow. That region is located on the West Nile side and was a marshy landscape in former times. Nowadays, it is counted an ideal cultivation area and therefore is called “Cairo´s vegetable garden”.

The oil production proceeds by a special very gentle stamp pressing method by which all essential substances can be preserved.

Our oil is to 100 % of natural black cumin of virgin pressing containing a high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids and natural Vitamin E.

Black cumin from Egypt is said to be one of the most valuable. Oil produced of that black cumin is of delightful mild taste.

What does „RDA“ mean concerning the nutrition facts on our labels?

What does „RDA“ mean concerning the nutrition facts on our labels? RDA = Recommended Daily Allowances of essential nutrients which are recommended by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer protection for daily use and for healthy people. For example Vitamin C: 1 Acerola tablet contains 80 mg Vitamin C what corresponds to 100 % RDA.