Black Cumin production Steps



The black cumin plants for oil production are sown in September.


After flowering the plant produces fruit capsules, then it withers from bottom to top. Harvest starts as soon as the capsules turn brown. The ripe black cumin seeds have a matt black shimmer and a pleasant scent, which reminds of aniseed. To protect the seed capsules from moisture, they are cut early in the morning, before morning dew or fog can dampen the plants. They are cut, bundled and spread afterwards on clean sheets for soft drying, then threshed and packed into sacks.


First the seeds are cleaned in the oil mill. The following cold pressing is a pure mechanic process, without the addition of any solvents. Our black cumin is pressed by the so called stamp-pressing-method, which is exceptionally gentle and by which all important substances can be preserved. We are able to guarantee black cumin oil from first pressing with superior quality. .