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CatuabaCatuaba (lat. anemopaegma myrandum) is originated in the tropical rainforest of South America. The Brazilian Tupi Indians have made many songs praising the legendary power of the Catuaba tree, which they used to call “Good Tree” already centuries ago. Today Catuaba, like Lapacho as well, belongs to the most favourite types of tea in Brazil. The red colouring substance of the Catuaba bark is also part of numerous refreshing drinks in Brazil.

Mode of action

The Catuaba bark contains plenty of mineral substances,
such as magnesium, potassium and calcium and remarkable percentages of trace elements, which are essential for proper bodily function but which we are often lacking of.

Catuaba provides a recreating and refreshing effect and is meanwhile appreciated worldwide as energizing potion. Catuaba tea is suitable for adults as well as for children even over a longer period of time. The tea is refreshing and recreating without containing pep up substances, such as theine and others