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ChlorellaChlorella (lat. Chlorella vulgaris) is an alga that belongs to the oldest living organisms of our world. In the distant past chlorella covered our planet and made it green. It is the first known form of a living plant with a cell nucleus. Other than the Spirulina alga it is a “genuine” plant form consisting of cell walls and cellulose. On the whole Chlorella is considered to be the highest concentrated vegetable foodstuff.

The micro alga has got a very long tradition in Asia. It consists of approx. 60 % vegetable protein and owes its green colour to its high concentration of chlorophyll.

Mode of action
Our human body is able to protect itself from harmful environmental influence. Therefore it needs a proper store of nutrients which can be supported by taking nutritional supplements. Chlorella contains a high percentage of zinc and iron and also numerous amino acids. It has become most famous because of its high content of chlorophyll which is the sun-store of a plant. Some people say that Chlorophyll, though being no nutrient, reveals beneficial effects on the human organism, too. Chlorella proved to be a valuable supplier of vitamin A, beta-carotin and vitamin B12.