Chlorella production steps

Chlorella Anbau


The Chlorella alga grows far away from the bustle of big cities in the sunny Chinese province Fujian. It is free of pesticides, herbicides and other toxic substances. The water for the cultivation comes from deep inside the earth and is carefully filtered before using it for the cultivation of alga.


Chlorella Ernte

Chlorella alga grows pretty well in cultivation basins. Harvest starts as soon as the OD-degree (Optic density) reaches the standard. The first Chlorella harvest is after one or two months, afterwards it can be harvested in intervals of seven to ten days.

Chlorella Sprühtrocknung


The wet Chlorella mass is dried by the spray-drying method, while start and end temperature is carefully controlled. The Chlorella drops are sprayed into a kind of chamber where the contained water is immediately vaporized. Thereby almost the whole range of valuable nutrients of the alga can be preserved.

Chlorella Tabletierung

Production of tablets

Chlorella alga tablets are made without any additives or process materials regarding rigid hygienic standards. Each batch has to pass a chemical control concerning microbiological purity. Afterwards it is packaged into vacuum-sealed aluminium bags.