Guarana FAQ

Guarana products: frequently asked questions

Why have the prices for „good“ Guarana increased that extremely?

Within the last years the prices for Guarana were continuously falling. Many Brazilian farmers were forced to stop the trade in Guarana. They found it much more profitable to deal with ethanol, which is used to fuel cars in Brazil.

The demand on Guarana is continuously increasing worldwide. The largest Brazilian beverage-producer, the Antarctica Company, alone will need more than 300 tons on Guarana seeds this year. The demand is increasing while the supply is decreasing – naturally that drives up the price for Guarana seeds. Our Brazilian supplier says: “Guarana at the moment is worth its weight in gold”.

Luckily, the state company Embave promotes the cultivation of new Guarana plants in the Federal State Maué, where extraordinarily valuable Guarana has been growing uncontrolled for centuries. However, it will take years before these plants will produce fruits.

What is the difference between „Guarana caffeine“ and “coffee caffeine”?

„Guarana caffeine“ is bound to substances contained in the Guarana seed. Those are vegetable fibres, tannins and dietary fibres, which serve as sort of a storage to the caffeine. Out of this storage the caffeine is released into the body in only small portions, slowly over several hours.

„Conventional caffeine“, however, is not bound to any other substances, it is absorbed by the body quickly thus causing an only short-lasting but pepping effect.

The complexity of „Guarana caffeine“ is not being destroyed neither by grinding nor by short heating up. If, however, the seeds would be heated up for a longer period over 80°C, the caffeine might be separated from its natural environment. That would not destroy the caffeine itself but the unique and valuable complex of tannins and caffeine – the beneficial effect would be lost.

Guarana caffeine = a complex of caffeine + vegetable fibres

Conventional caffeine = caffeine as isolated substance without tannins and vegetable fibres.

What is Guaranin?

The complex of caffeine and the contained tannins was used to be called „Guaranin“, meaning nothing else than „natural caffeine“.

What is special on Guarana caffeine?

The combination of caffeine and dietary fibres in the Guarana fruit is very special. Due to it the caffeine is not revealing its effect in the stomach, but – being bound to dietary fibres - only in the intestine. The caffeine is released continuously as long as it is transformed metabolically in the intestine. That process may last for 6 hours or longer.

Why is AMAZONAS Guarana that exceptional?

Our Guarana seeds are produced in small farming communities in the North of Brazil, especially in Bahia, where the best Guarana grows. Most of the Guarana bushes grow uncontrolled, new plants are cultivated without clearings and in harmony with the nature. To protect our Guarana from mouldiness we do not irradiate it – as do other suppliers - but dry it long enough and gently.

What does „RDA“ mean concerning the nutrition facts on our labels?

What does „RDA“ mean concerning the nutrition facts on our labels? RDA = Recommended Daily Allowances of essential nutrients which are recommended by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer protection for daily use and for healthy people. For example Vitamin C: 1 Acerola tablet contains 80 mg Vitamin C what corresponds to 100 % RDA.