Guarana production steps

Cultivation / Harvest

Gurana ErntezeitHarvest takes place during the Brazilian summer months January to March. The huge Guarana bushes, densely hung with fruits, are collected manually and spread on special mats to separate the red capsule from the seed..

Gurana ErnteGuarana FruchtProduction

The first drying phase proceeds on special wooden shelves in the tropical air.

The next step is to remove any resisting moisture from the inner seed, therefore the seeds come into an oven for drying.

Erntehelfer GuaranaPacked in jute-sacks they are transported to the production sites or to export companies in southern Brazil.


To maintain superior quality Guarana has to pass a chemical control of microbiological purity, ingredients and residues before it is released for production.

Guarana ReinigungGuarana Trocknung