Maca production steps

Maca Anbau

Cultivation / Harvest

The manual harvest of the yellow, red, black and violet Maca roots takes place in June and July. They are spread for drying on huge mats right beside the field.


After about 10 days the roots are being weighed, packed in 50 kg-sacks and labelled with the region of origin.

Maca Verarbeitung The production site of our supplier is in the town Junin. There the root tubers are sun-dried a second time on special bast mats.

As soon as the moisture achieved about 35 % the roots are dried for the last time in a separated area which is equipped with special UV-filter mats. In this protected area the content of moisture of the Maca roots is being reduced to 25 % within 80-90 days.

Finally, the Maca roots are stored in special rooms. Pulverization is made after incoming order.

Maca Verarbeitung IIFor the production of Maca powder the roots are manually selected first, then cleaned with water in special mechanic washing-drums and finally disinfected with a biodegradable lemon extract.

Afterwards the roots are granulated in a special mill and then air-dried at 40 °C for 4 hours. To preserve the valuable ingredients of the roots and to protect them from mould keeping a constant temperature has highest priority until the roots have a final humidity of max. 7 %. Finally, the granulate is pulverized in an electric mill and packed into PP-sacks à 10 kg.

Fair Trade SiegelControl

Having passed a chemical control our end product is released for shipment.