AMAZONAS Maca – why it is outstanding

Qualität Kompetenz ServiceOur supplier is a small Peruvian family farm. To its staff belong a biologist with a doctoral degree, a chemist and a scientist specialized on phytomedicine. For many years they have established as a specialist for cultivation and production of local plants. Their profound know-how and our 20 years of experience enable us to optimize the time for harvest, storage and gentle production methods. The result: natural products of superior quality and guaranteed success.

Our Maca powder is made of yellow, red, black an violet Maca roots, whereby the different colours are well-balanced to take advantage of the specific properties of each variety.

According to a spectrum analysis of amino acids made by the chemical lab SGS, one outstanding property of Maca is – in comparison to the soy bean – a much higher amount of the amino acid proline.

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