General FAQ

AMAZONAS products

What is the reason for differing filling levels in the jars?

Our powder extracts are made of raw material of wild growth, which have to fulfil the criteria of controlled organic cultivation. Depending, for example, on weather conditions the consistency of fruits may vary, what may result in various densities in each batch of our end product.

So a jar sometimes is filled up to the lid, while another jar is filled only to ¾, because the fruits were of higher density. The weight marked on the jar, however, is always correct.

What kind of controls do AMAZONAS products have to pass?

Our products are controlled by the supplier right at the production site concerning microbiological and heavy metal facts. Then independent laboratories analyze them for specific Vitamins or mineral substances, before regular food controls take place. Afterwards an expert controls if we keep to legal obligations concerning food quality law, such as health claims. Finally, the product is being released by a letter of marketability.

Why are there no facts to be found about medical indications of our products?

Any form of recovery promises has been prohibited by law.

We recommend to read specialized literature or to look for specific information in the internet, where you may find many interesting details and facts about properties and application of food and food supplements.

Does AMAZONAS use genetically modified raw materials?

We do not use any genetically modified products. Our raw material is either of wild growth or of controlled organic cultivation only.

What does the label „organic“ mean?

The EU have set restrictive eco-regulations and legal standards on the approving of the “organic food”- label.

According to the EU eco-regulations, minimum 95% of all included agriculturally produced ingredients have to be of organic cultivation.

In the range of vegetable cultivation only organic fertilizers have been permitted, while the use of mineral fertilizers and synthetic pesticides has been prohibited. The use of genetically modified seed has been prohibited. Irradiation of organic products has been generally prohibited.

The use of additives has been limited.

Are there any prescriptions concerning recommended daily allowances of natural products?

Food supplements like Maca, Guarana, Acerola or Chlorella are natural products containing high amount of Vitamins and minerals. They may be taken without any limitations. There are no prescriptions concerning minimum daily allowances, just recommendations based on experience, other than medicine, which may contain single isolated substances and have to be used regarding daily allowances based on clinical studies. Two examples of recommended daily allowances:

Maca powder: Our Peruvian supplier consumes min. 10 – 15 g daily. AMAZONAS customers among whom are numerous sportsmen already feel the vitalizing effect with only 5 g. No side effects have been registered.

Acerola powder: The German Society for Nutrition recommends 80 mg Vitamin C daily. We have to mark that fact on our labels, though it is commonly known that this quantity is too low and may have to be doubled in case of physical and mental strain or health problems like smoking and others. We recommend: make up your individual analysis of how much food and food supplements agree with you on the long-term and if you realize any change in health or well-being.

May AMAZONAS natural products be used by vegetarians?

Our Acai, Acerola, Chloreall, Guaranca, Maca and any of our bark teas are suitable for vegetarians. Since the maximum production temperature does not exceed 40°C, all Vitamins and enzymes can be preserved. Our fruits have not been subjected to any denaturation and provide vegetarian quality.

May AMAZONAS products be used by people who suffer from celiac disease?

According to the confirmation of our expert, Mr. Reuss, any of our products – no exception – is gluten-free and suitable for celiac-patients without restrictions.

What are flavonoids?

Flavonoids are natural plant substances of the of polyphenol group. They protect a plant from harmful environmental influence, that is why the highest concentration of it is found within the outer leaves or in fruit shell.

Meanwhile it is a matter of fact, that the use of flavonoid-rich food proves a disease-prophylactic effect: being highly antioxidant they are able to block off highly reactive bonds, such as UV radiation, transform them into more agreeable bonds and thereby protect our cells from damage. They prove a synergetic effect with Vitamin C, which also shows an antioxidant effect. The cosmetic industries have become aware of these beneficial properties and use flavonoid-containing plant extracts in the production of anti-ageing and sun-protecting remedies.

What are vegetable capsules are made of?

The capsules are made of hydroxyl propyl methylcellulose (HPMC) which is formed of cellulose (E 460) by transforming methyl chloride, ethyl chloride or propylene oxide. It is used to regulate volume, colour and freshness of bread and baked goods, respectively to stabilize fillings and foams. It is also used in the range of micro-wave products and – finally – as filling agent in “light” products. No harmful properties have been registered.

What does „RDA“ mean concerning the nutrition facts on our labels?

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowances of essential nutrients which are recommended by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer protection for daily use and for healthy people. For example Vitamin C: 1 Acerola tablet contains 80 mg Vitamin C what corresponds to 100 % RDA.