Guarantee of Quality

Amazonas QualitätBeing a specialized company our target is to support developing countries in buying their natural products on the one hand, on the other hand guarantee constant superior quality to our customers.

The essential criteria of our philosophy are:

  • Qualitätsgarantieto offer only products we are convinced of
  • our suppliers have to follow our “superior quality” spirit
  • to implement a permanent contact to our suppliers by visiting them on a regular basis
  • Cultivation has to correspond to exclusive organic rules, without the use of any pesticides
  • Following preserving harvesting methods, which means to preserve nature
  • Gentle responsible production methods of raw material, no use of gene-altering technology
  • Additional chemical controls of imported goods by internationally recognized german laboratories, like Eurofins or Kuhlmann
    (focus is set on the analysis of microbiological quality and the content of heavy metals.)

Big companies are often more interested in profitable turnover than in keeping good quality. Contrary to their policy we continue to keep superior quality standards. As we have no claims from our customers, who very much appreciate the healthy properties of our products – can we have a better proof of success?

Laboratory Analyses for download