Quality: BIO Certification

BIO-ZertifikatWhat are the regulations for the distribution of Bio-products?

1. Regarding AMAZONAS

  • BIO certificate
  • Yearly inspection by the regulatory body
  • Import licence by the BLE
  • BIO label

2. Regarding our suppliers

  • BIO certificate
  • Yearly inspection by the regulatory body
  • Export licence by IBD or SKAL regulatory body

Since 2005 our company obtains the BIO certificate (see control number DE-007) which is under the control of the PV regulatory body in Karlsruhe. You can find the Zertifikat as pdf-document and on the data file of the Federal Ministry: Zertifikat as pdf-document.

By the BIO certificate and in combination with the Import Licence of the BLE (Federal Office for Agriculture and Feeding) we are entitled to import and distribute supervised BIO products marked with the BIO label.

Our suppliers, who have to regard rigid regulations concerning cultivation by no use of any pesticides and gentle production methods, also have to let their working places certified by International Regulatory Bodies.

Our Brazilian suppliers are supervised by the “IBD” (Instituto Biodynamico), our Peruvian and Mexican suppliers are under control of the SKAL (professional inspection and certification).

Bio SiegelEco-quality “Bio label“

And here are the AMAZONAS BIO-products:

  • Acerola powder from Brazil
  • Aloe Vera Juice from Mexico
  • Maca powder from Peru